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Best Bathroom 2011
"This year’s Best Bathroom Contest winner is a chic and timeless master bathroom designed and customized by Lisa Hoyt of Lisa Hoyt Designs."

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​"A balancing act of textures and colors has the combined effect of a room perpetually lazing in a summer vacation atmosphere."  San Diego Better Homes and Gardens.
"That Summertime Feeling" by Lisa Hoyt
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"Breaking the Master Bathroom into Vignettes"

"Creating a timeless, Sophisticated room"

"Designing an Inviting Kitchen"
"Speak French to Me"
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Lisa Hoyt Design BLOG

Designing a Den Part 3

by Lisa Hoyt on 02/09/14

Now, in addition to attaining a color palate that creates interest and ambiance  in a well designed den, the next point of importance in designing an outstanding den, is to decide what your focal points are in this space. A focal point for a den will be either the wonderful bookshelves designed with interesting lighting, possible TV incorporated into it, artwork, interesting books and accessories, and a possible ladder that moves on a bar across the top of the piece and/or a lovely fireplace in the room. Other focal points can also be looking out to a gorgeous view through amazing architecturally designed windows or even the desk itself with the accompaniment of seating as well . You can have many focal points in one room. The important thing is that you use them all to the advantage of the space. Then stand back and watch what it's incredible impact can have on it's viewers. 

Best of Houzz 2014

by Lisa Hoyt on 02/05/14

You won Best of Houzz 2014!

Hi Lisa Hoyt Design and congratulations,

We're writing to let you know that you've been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of our Best of Houzz 2014 awards! You can read the full press release here.

Your work won in the Customer Satisfaction category, which is based on reviews your received on Houzz in 2013, as well as other factors related to your profile. We have already placed a "Best of Houzz 2014" winner badge on your Houzz profile page; visit your profile page ( to see it.

2nd article on Designing a Den

by Lisa Hoyt on 01/25/14

Next, you need to determine your color palate. A den is usually a place that is a man's retreat, therefore it needs to be painted in a warm camel color---emulating a cave---but a sophisticated cave. Then you can add different shades of brown from dark to light, cream, soft yellows, touches of red and/or orange and touches of green. Earthy tones are so lovely together. Then the flooring should be done in a nice medium dark brown wood, distressed, wide planked--- preferably--- and a bit different in tone to the builtins. All color added such as the creams, other camels and browns, greens, reds, oranges, and yellows are colors that get added to the design of the room in the area rugs, the pillows, the throws, and the artwork. The larger pieces such as the sofa or the large chairs are always done in neutral tones. This gives the room always a finished, pulled together, long lasting design that the homeowners will enjoy for many many years to come.